Scorpio Horoscope for May 2024

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MAY 2024

Dear Reader,

May will be a beautiful month. I have been telling friends that in May it will be raining diamonds! It just sparkles brilliantly. Ever since January, many of the planets have been traveling in same-sign groups. By clustering together, the planets are able to make a single, clear statement that will show you where the goodness lies and where you should focus your energies in order to be able to access their gifts.

In May, five planets will be in Taurus, so wherever you have Taurus in your chart, that’s where your attention will be drawn.

There are many beautiful aspects in May. In my report for you, I will show you examples of how best to use these sparkling aspects.

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Your May 2024 Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

This month you will collaborate a lot. Scorpio tends to be a loner sign, so you generally like to accomplish as much as possible by yourself. However, even you realize that you can’t do everything alone and that there is value in joining forces with others. In May, with many planets gathering in your opposite sign of Taurus, you might feel a lack of control, but while you may not get all the points exactly the way you’d want, you can enlist other people to help advise you and work with you to achieve even better results.

This emphasis on teaming up with others will become evident by May 7 when the new moon will appear at 18 degrees Taurus. All at once, you will have this new moon (opportunity), the Sun (favor from authority), Venus (love, luxury, and fun), Uranus (surprise), and Jupiter (financial luck, expansion, and happiness) crowded into your house of committed partnerships. This is a house of fulfilled promises, usually sealed by a contract. Astrologers call this the house of marriage and partnerships, including one-to-one, confidential business relationships that you would typically have with an agent, publicist, bookkeeper, accountant, lawyer, recruiter, doctor or therapist, and other professionals you might hire for mutual benefit.

Jupiter is still traveling with Uranus in Taurus after they came together last month on April 20, and you may have received a clue of what was to come in May on that day. Both Jupiter and Uranus are extremely slow-moving planets, and while their conjunction peaked on April 20, they remain close, within 5 degrees, so they will still be very helpful to you during the May 7 new moon. Having the planet of good luck (Jupiter) traveling with the planet of surprise (Uranus) is a great situation for you, and they are both in your house of partnerships. When you find the right person, it will happen suddenly.

Saturn will be beautifully oriented to the May 7 new moon, the Sun, and Venus, and Venus is the planet that will take predominance at this new moon—wow, that’s great. This indicates that your decisions made after this new moon will have longevity and give you a comforting sense of security. This is also possible in reverse—your marriage or business partner will be a gem this month and bring you plenty of wonderful news.

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