I am Leo, My Lover is Taurus

Can a Lion and a Bull get along tenderly? That depends. This is one relationship where you will have to work extra-hard, since the two of you are alike in so many ways and yet, so different.

There is no doubt that you both appreciate the finer things in life: great restaurants, beautiful gifts and jewels, fine wines, and all kinds of luxuries. Neither of you will wince at shelling out money for the lifestyle you imagine to be your birthright. However, Taurus tend to work for their money, while Leos expect it to just show up. Taurus will spend freely only after they have put aside huge savings, but while you intend to do the same, dear Leo, your time to start is always tomorrow, never today. Taurus cannot live that way. In fact, it is doubtful that a Taurus will consider marrying you until you can come up with some kind of proof of financial security and independence. Taurus is more practical and prudent about life than you could ever imagine.

Bulls need less attention than you do, but they do crave affectionate words and tenderness. Taurus also like being appreciated for what they do. While your Taurus needs love, you need to be admired — a slight difference. You both need different things, and have different views of life; therefore you are not likely to get all you crave from the relationship, which will leave you both a little dissatisfied. This is obviously an area to watch. Be sensitive to it as the relationship progresses.

Taurus and Leo enjoy lovemaking tremendously, and view it as a ritual to be enjoyed slowly and savored. Your pacing is identical, so here you will find complete compatibility. Remember that your Taurus takes in the world through his or her senses: by watching actions, listening to voice inflection, and feeling your touch. Taurus isn’t concentrating on what you say. He or she doesn’t believe everything he or she hears (perhaps this is just practical), but your Bull does sense things acutely. At times you may wish your Taurus to be more emotional and romantic. But you are a fire sign, Taurus is earth, and earth can smother fire’s flames of passion! Instead of being blunt, your earthy Taurus will need to take a more sensitive, delicate approach when being critical of you. And you are going to have to get a tad more realistic. You are not royalty, and other people are not your subjects!

As you see, this relationship is going to take some adjustments from both parties. You have different styles and expectations of each other and life in general. Start by talking about your feelings and dreams, and proceed from there, dear Leo.

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