I am Virgo, My Lover is Taurus

If you are in love with a Taurus, hold on to your sweetheart — this is a magical combination. Each of you knows intuitively what makes the other tick, and how to make the other feel safe and secure. Both of you are earth signs, so you are realistic people who value being able to depend on each other. Nothing makes you crazier than relying on your lover and then having him or her fall down on the job. This won’t happen with a Taurus. But Taurus do have hot tempers. It takes a lot to get Bulls to see red, but once they do, you won’t forget it! Virgos rarely get that worked up, so you could get scared or hurt by such an angry episode. Try to just shrug it off, figuring you had better broach THAT subject some other time!

You will love your Taurus’ desire for your affection and his or her love of touch. A Taurus may not say much, but you will be able to feel his or her love. Taurus put a lot of emphasis on romance and courtship — especially wining and dining. Enjoying meals together will always be part of your relationship because Taurus know how to get the best out of life. They won’t squander money in the way a Leo might, because like you, Taurus have a firm grip on reality. You may be concerned that your lover has too great a taste for luxury, for you are content with a no-frills, simple lifestyle. (“Just give me a good laptop, an episode of ‘Prime Suspect’, some vegetarian lasagna, and I’ll be happy,” you might say.) Taurus will prove to you his or her resourcefulness with money, though, so you won’t need to hide your credit cards or anything like that.

In bed, you will be delighted to discover that your Taurus finds the slow, serene, sensual way you move exciting and intoxicating. The two of you are a perfect erotic pair! Together, you’ve got red-hot desire plus sweet emotional tenderness. Taurus doesn’t soar to spiritual heights the way Pisces does, but because your love is so strong, this won’t concern you. You know what good is, and this fits the bill.

But Virgos can’t fall in love when they aren’t sure they are their partner’s one and only. You have to feel the relationship has respect and integrity. You’ll have this with your Taurus, who isn’t the type to sleep around. In fact, Taurus is just the opposite. If your Taurus decides you are his or her soul mate, he or she won’t ogle another cute man or woman ever again. As long as your Taurus has your love, he or she simply doesn’t need any other confirmation of his or her sexuality from anybody else — even when older. As a matter of fact, your Taurus could be more anxious than you are to get married. Virgos like to go slowly when it comes to commitment, to have a chance to think things out thoroughly and carefully. Taurus don’t rush decisions on matters of the heart either. But once your Bull is in love with you, a strong possessive streak will develop which will cause your beloved to pop the question sooner rather than later.

You both have found an ideal lover — so stay close to your Taurus sweetheart!

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