I am Virgo, My Lover is Pisces

This is a pairing of poetry and practicality — can it work? Sure! You both have heaps of what the other one needs. Those born six months away from one another form an astrological opposition. This actually means you can fit each other perfectly because each of you has what the other is missing.

Your Pisces lover is all right-brain: full of dreams, imagination, and compassion for others. Pisces may not be common-sense realists — that is your domain — but they more than make up for it by understanding some of the mysterious things in life. They excel at reading symbols and gestures, while you are a literal creature. Where you are precise, they are diffuse; where you are rigid, they are flexible; where you see limits, they see endless horizons.

Together you can accomplish a great deal. Being mutable signs, you both are open-minded, flexible people, and welcome new thinking and fresh ideas. Neither of you is stubborn nor competitive with one another. Where you are neat, compulsive, and detailed, your lover is just the opposite. Pisces live in chaos quite happily; it fosters their creativity. To set boundaries, sort, seal, and punctuate is too limiting for a Pisces; they swim better in open, unrestricted space. Who wants to worry about paying a bill or balancing a checkbook when one is thinking up words to a song about true love or plotting a film about empathy and loneliness? Pisces have human emotions on their minds as well as in their hearts; against the universality of the human condition, attending to housekeeping seems unimportant.

If truth be known, Virgo, you tend to be fascinated by this point of view and feel you could gain something from your Pisces. You are right. Each of you could learn from the other. While your Pisces could use more practicality and structure in his or her life, you could use the confidence to dream and build a bigger and brighter future. Too much of your attention is on day-to-day details. By seeing only that one piece of the mosaic, you fail to see how bright the whole picture could be. Your Pisces remedies this problem and unveils all the possibilities to you.

Pisces believe in the basic goodness of people and make it self-fulfilling by simply living life by this principle. They feel if they just allow goodness to triumph, it will. Others may manipulate them, but they know what is going on and allow it. If you need a Pisces’ energy so dearly, they will allow you to have it, for their own well is deep and replenishes as they sleep. When Pisces lend money, they give it without any expectation that it will be returned. Pisces don’t really lend anything — they give it freely instead. It is perhaps with money that you are to find your most profound differences; Pisces are unmaterialistic, which would not describe your attitude. You wish your lover was wiser about financial matters, but his or her eyes are not on this world, but on the spiritual world instead. Somehow the Universe takes care of your lover. Perhaps it is because of the pure and loving vibes he or she sends out.

Pisces have a fine imagination but often don’t know which ideas have commercial potential and which don’t. They are pulled in two different directions (as shown in their symbol: two fish swimming in opposite directions). Here is where your common sense and practical approach to life could be valuable to your lover: Your words will be listened to (Pisces listen well, not only to what is said but the way it’s said), carefully considered, and even accepted as truth — making you feel especially needed and content. Your Pisces does need you, Virgo.

Pisces have the gift of ESP and know what you need without asking. You will forever be amazed at their ability to pick up on your feelings before you have related them in one of your precise Virgo statements. As good as you are with words, your Pisces doesn’t need them. A look in your eyes or a scan of your face for traces of emotion is all Pisces needs to understand your innermost feelings.

Sexually, your blending will be heavenly. No one will be better at unleashing your erotic reserve than Pisces. Your lover has an uncanny ability to read your mind and make lovemaking fantastic. As a water sign, your Fish can dive to the depths of your soul. Your earthy nature prevents this from happening on its own; around your lover, you find you can swim in deeper emotional waters and feel things you’ve never felt before. Your earth sign is nurtured and enriched by your lover’s water element over and over again. Pisces loosen up your all-too-prudent ways, and help you view the unlimited possibilities of life and love.

Your Pisces still believes in magic and make-believe and, being all too practical, you want to believe as he or she does, but haven’t had the courage or the chance. Now you do. Since both of you are so shy and reserved, you will melt together with delicacy and tenderness. But you both want to sense authenticity and true emotion in each other first. Both of you have floodgates of emotion to unlock but tremble at doing so, lest you make yourselves vulnerable. Once sure though, you are able to unlock your hearts, and express those feelings in a spiritual and erotic manner. Neither of you is selfish or egotistical, so you will be sensitive to one another’s needs. To both of you, sex is holy and beautiful, not something to be taken lightly, and thus, you won’t be disappointed.

Hang on to your lover, and try to make this work. Know that there will be no shades of gray in this relationship — it will be wonderful or terrible. In astrology, an opposition of Sun signs means that your personalities will either dovetail perfectly or forever be at odds. The end result is up to you.

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