I am Virgo, My Lover is Cancer

In astrology, the water sign Cancer and the earth sign Virgo are considered a very nurturing combination. Cool waters enrich the earth and give birth to fresh life. Thus, if you find areas of disagreement with your lover, you are likely to find a way back together; the aspect between your two Suns is called a “sextile” or opportunity aspect. Communication will always be especially good.

Both of you are worriers because you are dependable, reliable people. But you will have a soothing effect on your Cancer lover. Cancers are far more emotional than you are — something you may not see until later. Cancers can be unpredictably moody. Watching a Cancer’s face is to see the changing landscape of the soul — at once cloudy, then sunny — it can actually be a beautiful thing. Cancers often don’t react to things that happen to them right away, preferring to chew on their feelings for a while. The moodiness you see is them running through all the possible reactions they could have to whatever they’re focused on. Often there is no indication their internal weather is about to change. This can be a bit unnerving, but just take their moods with a shrug and a smile, and rest assured all will be right again soon. In the meantime, you may need to go off by yourself to avoid adopting your lover’s internal turmoil. Cancer may not understand your need to withdraw, but the Virgo yearning for meditation will become too strong to for you to resist. Virgos need to figure things out and analyze problems, whatever they may be. If your lover is smart, he or she will give you the space you need. The elasticity of the bond between you will ultimately keep your union strong. Soon you will be back together, stronger than before.

You both like to work, but for different reasons. Cancers are sure every rainy day is tomorrow. They like to stock up on things, whether it be food, money in the bank, or anything else they think they will need to guard home and family from disaster. This instinct to save is what makes Cancers quite wealthy sometimes. Virgos like to work for the sake of working, and take pride in their accomplishments. You, Virgo, are programmed to harvest the fruits of the earth at the end of summer, the time of your birth.

In bed, you move together in your own beautiful unique dance, listening to the whispering sound of water running over earth. Earth responds and conforms to water, accommodating it as the two melt into one another. Cancers realize you are reserved and delicate and respect your yearning for gentle, refined tenderness. Neither of you feels sex should be a casual or offhand affair, but rather a commitment and blending of souls in a sacred way. You find depth and beauty in your relationship.

Hold on to your Crab. Cancers can get possessive early on in relationships, which could go against your grain, but before you leave in a huff, ask for more time. You have a natural flow with one another, and an ability to heal and forgive each other when problems surface. Your stars will work to help you succeed.

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