I am Scorpio, My Lover is Virgo

Your Virgo lover is good for you, Scorpio. Virgos are patient, kind, industrious, and wouldn’t dream of being too demanding. You want control, and they will give it to you if it makes you happy. Your Virgo lover is basically reserved, and your strong-yet-gentle love will thrill them. You will adore the solid grounding they bring to your life, especially when your water-sign emotions get stormy. Your lover will calm your inner seas, soothe your savage breast, and point out the practical solutions right in front of you. Virgo will not squander your money or compete with you for material gains. Your Virgo will be content with what you have together.

Virgos are organized and work very hard — so do you — so your lover will earn your highest respect. Virgos are very verbal, which can seem a little much to silent Scorpio at times (who won’t always respond to Virgo’s criticism very well), but perhaps it’s good that one of you is a communicator. Sometimes we marry someone exactly like the person we wish we were.

Sexually, Virgos are very aware of their bodies and will revel in your masterful lovemaking. Virgos are refined, however, so don’t become a wild animal the first few times you go to bed together or your lover will think you are a bit perverted — lighten up! Trust that Virgo’s earthy nature will provide all the sensuality and lustiness you crave. No, Virgo doesn’t have your ability to scale the mountain tops of spirituality or dive to the emotional depths of the sea of love; your highs and lows are more extreme. Yet, Virgo’s more level approach to life and love, in time, may prove to be incredibly appealing to you.

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