I am Scorpio, My Lover is Pisces

This is a relationship made in heaven! As a water sign, you relate to fellow water sign Pisces in an intimate, instinctual way. This relationship will be deeply satisfying to your heart and soul — your Pisces sweetheart understands you in a way that few people do.

Both of you are sensitive and deeply romantic. At times your poetic Pisces will communicate without words. Pisces antennae are so sharp, they can pick up emotions in you that you didn’t even know you had. Pisces will know when to let you be and when to draw you out of your shell. Even when you are grouchy and out of sorts, they will be supportive and understanding; Pisces is the sign of relieving suffering in others. They will never hurt you, and their delicate sensibilities will enchant and comfort you.

Pisces is one of the mutable signs, and therefore they are very flexible and adaptable, while you tend to be more rigid when faced with change. Your Pisces can gently encourage you onward and suggest imaginative ways out of any predicament. In turn, your “fixed” nature will provide a sturdy base for a sign so in need of structure as Pisces. Your Pisces won’t want to be the boss, and will willingly let you get your way most of the time. Since Scorpios like control, this will suit you well.

Sex should be an out-of-body experience for you two, reaching a level of spirituality that only exists between the most greatly evolved souls. Physical lovemaking to a Pisces is the most authentic, precious, and important communication of his or her love. If Pisces picks up that your feelings aren’t there, your Fish will swim away quietly, but never without cause. Still, if you love your Pisces deeply, he or she will return that love ten times over and will willingly sacrifice his or her own hopes and wishes for yours.

Confrontations aren’t for Fish. Pisces will hang tough in a troubled relationship for a long time to be sure they have given it everything they’ve got. But when it’s time to go, they’re gone — never to return. Although Scorpios don’t want to reveal much about themselves (privacy is always a big issue), especially early in the relationship, Pisces always know where their lover stands just by observing their body language and actions.

Hold on to your Pisces lover, and don’t let him or her out of your arms. You will never tire of discovering yet another facet of their infinite love for you.

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