I am Scorpio, My Lover is Aquarius

Aquarius’ highbrow intellect and breathtaking view of the future is sure to draw you closer in the very early stages of your relationship. Still, this pairing is a hard one to maintain — Aquarius like loose emotional bonds, and you’re just the opposite. As a Scorpio, you are a virtual ball of warm emotion and attentiveness, but your Aquarius lover may not know what to make of your mixture of passion and obsession. Aquarius are known to pride themselves on their cool objectivity. “Why can’t Aquarius feel more?” you may ask. In turn, Aquarius will wonder why you can’t trust the facts right in front of you, and rely less on your intuition. You will bristle at having to explain yourself.

Your sign is possessive, but Aquarius is a sign of independence; they will resist any restrictions put on their freedom to roam. Ruled by the erratic planet Uranus, Aquarius rebels against predictable routine much as a caged tiger would. But you love your routines, Scorpio, because they allow your life to flow along without ever having to think about it. Day-to-day life with your Aquarius lover is likely to jangle your nerves; he or she will never submit to the structure you impose, particularly at home. Both of you are fixed signs, so you have strong opinions — you’ll both be digging in your heels when differences surface between you. Pulling with all your might on opposite ends of the tug-of-war, you’ll both wonder where you were when this all began, and what led you into this relationship.

In this match, you supply the feelings and Aquarius supplies the intellect. For a while, your lover’s allusiveness will thrill you as you try to figure him or her out. However, this liaison is likely to fizzle after a while, because you will miss having the emotional intimacy you crave. If you love your Aquarius and are disappointed to read this, it is possible one or both of you have planets in your horoscopes that make this union a good one. Check with an astrologer — this assessment only studies Sun signs. You both will have to try hard to make this work, but since you are so different, you have much to gain from this relationship.

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