I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Virgo

The attraction between earth-sign Virgo and you, dear fire-sign Sagittarius, is your razor-sharp mind. You have finally found a lover who can hold up his or her end of a debate! You’ll find Virgo detailed, diplomatic, determined and articulate — just the kind of person to make you shine at dinner with your boss. It is hard not to admire Virgo. The trouble is, Virgos like to work, while you like to play or study. If Virgo’s workaholic schedule cramps your style too much, you’ll get on your horse and ride off into the sunset.

If their work schedule doesn’t turn you off, their penchant for neatness could. Having a Virgo follow you through the house just once — picking up everything just after you’ve set it down casually somewhere — will prove to be just too much. Your sign is not known to be super-neat. You are too busy!

In bed, you’ll appreciate your Virgo’s loyalty to you and his or her surprisingly lusty appetite for lovemaking. Because Virgos communicate so well, you could soon find you are grooving on the same sexual frequency and loving every minute. In order to get them into the proper mood, you may have to indulge in lots of verbal foreplay, something very erotic to Virgo. Once he or she is home from the office, Virgo doesn’t relax that quickly or easily — but your tender attentions can get them to if you try.

You are a fire sign and Virgo is earth, so this match of personalities does not come naturally to either of you. Luckily, you both are highly flexible creatures. This is a strong plus, and indicates that if you work at this relationship, you can make it happen. A 50/50 chance of success is the estimation here, but that does not account for the bushels of optimism you bring to every endeavor, or your wonderful meeting of the minds with your Virgo. Give it a try.

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