I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Taurus

This match could prove difficult. But as Shakespeare once said, “The stars impel, they do not compel.” If you want this relationship to work, you’ll have to be prepared to face some maddening obstacles. Your lover is a practical earth sign who shares none of your buoyancy and wild optimism. Taurus is not a carefree sign, but one deeply rooted in family and community. Taurus’ stability is what probably drew you to your lover, but it is also exactly what could blow you two apart. You could start to see your lover as too predictable, cautious and responsible — in short, a little boring and stuffy. Taurus, in turn, can see Sagittarius as optimistic to a fault, unreliable, too carefree, strangely willing to dump everything and fly off to a foreign locale at the drop of a hat — and perhaps just too blunt for your own good. Your old Sagittarius bugaboo — brutal honesty — could bite you here, Sagittarius. Taurus will want a commitment from you, sooner rather than later, and this is something that scares you to death. The more you pull away, the more possessive your Taurus will become, which will drive you crazy, too. Oh, I don’t mean to get you depressed!

Just be mindful of the things that bring you closer. Every relationship suffers from what I call “the down side of the up side” — the negative effects of the very things you love most. For example, the very stability you want can later become boring. Even though it’s not your strong point, Sagittarius, having realistic expectations will help ensure a good, long-term relationship. On the plus side, Taurus usually mate for life and rarely, if ever, stray. Taurus save money and will get you to use a sound investment plan, something Sagittarius may never get around to doing. Finally, if you need another reason to give this relationship a try, making love with a Taurus is a truly memorable experience, filled with sensuous, tactile eroticism. The Taurus lover goes slowly and is so considerate. He or she is liable to thrill you to your core. You bring fun and spontaneity to lovemaking, something your Taurus will appreciate in you!

Give this relationship a try, even though at times it could require a lot of effort.

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