I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Sagittarius

Drawn to another Sagittarius? It’s no doubt that his or her incredible intellect, breadth, scope of knowledge, and mastery of a subject led you to your lover’s side. You may have met at school, a religious retreat, or on an exotic trip. Together you will lead a life of even more study, travel, and possibly some fun athletics. Since you’re both fire signs, plenty of fresh ideas will always be taking flight between you two, and there will be no shortage of enthusiasm for adventure.

Save for a rainy day? I certainly hope you will, for with two such eternal optimists, you might be too busy to think about investments or be too sure you’ll never have the need for an emergency fund.

Best of all will be your life-long interest in talking with each other, taking time to philosophize, ponder social issues, and discuss the future implications of this and that. Your brain will get a flurry of stimulus; however, at times you might hanker for someone a little less like yourself. If there are some substantial earth and water planets in either of your horoscopes, you could be in luck; these could add dollops of practicality and emotion that this union might otherwise lack. You both approach love with your head more than your hearts, but that’s natural and normal to you, too.

Sex? Why it’s wild, lusty, and totally fantastic! Because you both like to stay in shape the old fashioned way, by hiking, biking, rock climbing, swimming, and playing tennis (instead of just going to the gym, which seems a little sterile), you both have great looking bodies. You two love the great outdoors, even when you’re making love. Now, just because you’re both so carefree don’t be so sure no one will ever catch you “en plen aire.” Careful, Sadge!

Is this a yes? Sure is!

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