I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Libra

If you are in love with a Libra, you’re in love with someone very good for you! Libra is an air sign, you are fire, and these two elements couldn’t be better together! Chances are, your time with Libra always includes friends and social events. Libras just can’t sit at home. They’re out and about more than any other sign, and they know just about everyone (probably a famous person or two as well).

Libras like to keep up their good looks, so count on some extra time in the bathroom for them. Libras are among the most polished, refined, and elegant of the signs when it comes to appearance. This applies to Libras of either sex. Libras also have quite a sense of style, and it comes through even if they are poverty stricken. One Libra I know shops exclusively at thrift shops, but her look usually shows up in Vogue magazine a few months later. Not surprising when you consider she takes her gorgeous look to clubs all the time — places where the fashion editors hang out. Speaking of clubs, Libras have a knack for knowing what club, bar, or restaurant is on the verge of being discovered. If they mention a place, better heed their advice and go right now. Later, it will take weeks to get a reservation.

Libras like to get married, and, Sagittarius, we all know you don’t. This is a tiny problem, which I am sure the two of you can work out. Sagittarius are known to be “the bachelor sign” because they put so much emphasis on freedom and autonomy. Once a Sagittarius marries, he or she usually stays put, simply because he or she thought things out carefully before going down the aisle.

Your home life will be great because Libras are brilliant with home entertaining. In terms of decor, Libras have a soft, elegant touch — no harsh lights or hard angles. Libras adore music, art, and any kind of cultural activity. You have very eclectic taste, so your lover will probably enjoy learning about the art and cuisine of the various cultures that interest you. One other little trouble spot is your lack of tact, Sagittarius. Libras are supremely gracious and diplomatic, and your lover will expect you to be that way, too.

In bed, remember to be somewhat sensitive and refined; don’t yell out your locker-room language too soon — this will definitely destroy the mood. Libras like a light touch. Your lusty, playful style will be appealing, so don’t hold back in other ways. Now because beauty-loving Venus rules Libra, female Libras may prefer to make love in the dark. They have curves that show up early in life, and, oddly, some of these women are a bit embarrassed to not have the slim hips and flat chest of a boy. Go figure. Blame the fashion magazines she reads for her lack of confidence. She has no idea how gorgeous she is, so why don’t you tell her. Male Libras are more confident but enjoy getting praised for their looks and sexual technique nevertheless.

In all, a happy, fun relationship — so go for it, Sadge! This one is written in the stars!

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