I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Gemini

This relationship is all about brains. If you two have children, they are sure to have high IQ’s with the two of you for parents! This relationship will be about broadening horizons and continuous discovery. In short, it is one that is fundamentally very right for you!

In the scheme of things, Gemini specialize in day-to-day news, which is why your lover’s sign is considered the sign of the journalist. Your sign is singled out to collect the knowledge of humanity and make sense of it all — Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher. Gemini may tease you and say you are too high-concept and theoretical. You may rib Gemini back and say he or she is too distracted by “who’s doing what, when” to see the big picture. There is a grain of truth in each position; however, every sign of the zodiac is given a piece of the puzzle of life. In your case, your fire sign relates beautifully to your lover’s air sign. You both adore travel, and are ready to jump on a plane to anywhere, no matter how remote or exotic “anywhere” may be! Sharing this zest for discovery of the new will always keep your relationship fresh.

The only slight problem with this match is that you both are so brainy — you think so much, when will you have a moment to feel? Hopefully, one, or both, of you has a few dominant water planets in your personal horoscopes to add more emotion to this relationship. Otherwise, you both will be so analytical about things that you’ll give one another a headache. But this isn’t really likely if you take care. This is a pairing that works naturally, without a lot of effort.

In bed, you really shine, for both of you are verbal, playful, witty, and have a delightful sense of humor. Look forward to a sex life filled with spice, variety and spontaneity. The fun only brings you closer together.

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