I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Capricorn

This could be a good match, even though your signs come side by side in the zodiac. This position is an indication that you are opposites. Capricorn is going to give you business smarts, a plan for the future (particularly a financial plan), and a certain kind of grounding. Capricorns enjoy your Sagittarius mind, your energy, and your happy outlook on life. This is a match where you?ll both meet fascinating, educated, and successful people from many walks of life. Both signs like to mingle and draw new people into your circle. Your ability to discuss things intellectually with them is a big plus to Capricorns too, but after a while, fire sign Sagittarius may feel a little snuffed out by the conservative earth sign Goat.

The difficulty is obvious: You could feel weighed down by Capricorn?s disapproval of your more foot-loose, happy-go-lucky ways. Capricorns have goals and plans and tend to work very hard. Are you sure you want to be teamed with someone so committed to his or her giant career? Your favorite job would be to teach, then spend all summer traveling to foreign countries to relax and do research. Your Capricorn lover may not be able to travel as much as you would like, for getting away, especially on extended trips, is probably going to be hard for them. Capricorns don?t see the reason to make travel and adventure a number one priority — it might mean giving up a promotion.

Your Goat needs to relax before he or she can get into the proper mood for lovemaking. Ply them with a fine wine to make them forget that scathing memo that came down from the boss this morning. Use a little humorous seduction at first to disarm them, then move on to more direct, nonverbal techniques and their motor should soon be humming.

Don’t care what the drawbacks are, Sadge? Then go for it!


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