I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Aquarius

Do people notice the two of you when you enter a room? Probably! The chemistry between you and your Aquarius lover is so strong it’s apparent to everyone that you two are meant to be together. You are so in sync that your Aquarius lover has put your name on the top of his or her list of “People Most Desirable to Share a Desert Island With”

Both of you care about politics, civil rights, technology and its impact on society, and how to make the planet a better place to live. You share an upbeat, positive view of the world, and love to be out rather than stuck at home. Meeting new people, mixing, and networking are what you two love to do. You see yourselves as objective, rational, thinking people, as opposed to emotional creatures, and you’re right. Your Aquarius lover is a highly communicative air sign, and you’re pure fire — obviously a combination that only makes your fire burn brighter. Your near brutal honesty will not offend your Aquarius lover. As he or she sees it, your directness bears necessary feedback that can possibly used to improve his or her understanding of him or herself and the world. Frankly, other signs would flip out.

Sexually, your brain (rather than your heart) is what makes this all happen, but who cares? After all, it’s been said that the brain is the most important sexual organ in the human body. Neither of you trusts highly emotional passion anyway. To you, it could seem like manipulation or just an overabundance of hormones. Moreover, both of you need a rational, high-IQ partner. Now you have one! Neither of you wants a commitment in the early stages of this relationship. You may never want one at all. Teamed with an idiosyncratic Aquarius, who also never cares what society thinks, you can develop your own unique love affair for as long as you like.

Neither of you is particularly practical, so hopefully you will work out this little detail. Should you continue? Absolutely! You’ve got a perfect “10” on your arm, so hold your Aquarius close!

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