I am Pisces, My Lover is Taurus

Lucky for you, Taurus are sensuous, earthy, practical, and great in bed. They adore your nurturing, visionary qualities and are inspired by your love of helping others.

One small problem may be that Taurus are quite materialistic and you most definitely are not. An earth sign, Taurus like to have and hold the fruits of their labors. Pisces get the greatest joy from creativity and philanthropy, so you might not understand why your Taurus instinctively amasses wealth, objects and toys. However, Taurus’ drive to build a good nest egg will be good for your future, for Pisces don’t usually place much emphasis on such things.

For Pisces, love is ethereal and spiritual. For a Taurus, being in love means making love — a lot. Taurus emphasize the power of touch but do not necessarily have a strong spiritual experience when making love. This puzzles you, for your approach is so different. But as long as you feel your partner loves you deeply, and this is not just a “roll in the hay” for him or her, your relationship will work out fine. Casual sex offends your deep sensibilities and snuffs out your spiritual ardor. But Taurus take their time making love, enjoying the experience with all their senses, so compatibility could be very strong between you. You may even enjoy their possessive streak – “to have and to hold” is something Taurus take literally.

Taurus will remain loyal, steadfast, reliable, and true blue. As a Pisces, this may be the one quality you value over all others.


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