I am Libra, My Lover is Leo

This is a classic and classy combination, a sure hit with long-running potential. Take this show on the road!

Both of you love to dress up and go out, to see and be seen at all the right events, and to throw the biggest and best parties ever. Wow! Going to interesting cultural events and discovering new restaurants refreshes both of you. You share a love of the good life, and while you may not have a fat savings account, you two will certainly have fun.

Sexually, fire-sign Leo brings passion to air-sign Libra. Too often you let your head rule your heart, and your Leo is bent on changing all that. Leo’s warm, gregarious, enthusiastic, and elegant style will soon capture your interest. Their powerful self-confidence impresses you, and is very sexy. Leos have mastered the art of seduction and don’t take shortcuts — down to the bottle of chilled champagne. They feel lovemaking is one of the lost arts, and thank goodness for that! They have a strong, sure style in bed — they’re playful too — and before long you’ll be hooked on this passionate love god or goddess. Libras keep up their appearance so there are no old sweat suits or tattered T-shirts on you in bed. Your respect for yourself is noticed and appreciated by your Leo lover.

Go right ahead, Libra. This one’s a sure-fire hit!

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