I am Libra, My Lover is Gemini

Libra and Gemini are one of the best combinations of all. Gemini is a fellow air sign and understands your deepest needs. Two analytical communicators teamed up might make some people say the union needs more emotion, but both of you let your heads rule your hearts anyway. Don’t let anyone tell you that Libra and Gemini aren’t made for one another! The brain is the most powerful erogenous zone in the body, and you two keep yours working overtime! Your Gemini’s talent for verbal foreplay turns you both on, and your ability to communicate what you want will lead lovemaking to scale new heights of passion!

You adore your Gemini’s wit; he or she loves your flair with people, and together you two will double or triple the size of your circle of friends. Because Gemini falls in your sector of distant travel, you two are likely to go to many wonderful, exotic places together. Neither of you can stand the same-old same-old for long, and this match will ensure all the stimulation you crave!

This coupling gets a resounding yes! It’s a “10” by any standard.

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