I am Libra, My Lover is Cancer

Think twice about this relationship, Libra. It can work if you try, but you may find that the temperamental differences are so great that it may be impossible for you to bridge the gap. Why? For starters, your Cancer lover is a homebody and you like to go out as much as possible. You love new experiences and meeting new people, while they find that kind of lifestyle to be a waste of their time. Cancer’s domesticity might drive you up the wall, especially when you realize that your lover hoped you were June or Ward Cleaver from the old ’50s sitcom “Leave it to Beaver” — you never will be anything remotely like that. Many Cancers are walking around with an old-fashioned vision of what family life ought to be, and in the early stages of the relationship you may not see this coming. But a lovely, warm, and inviting home is something you both want, so at least that is on your side. The difference is you like to entertain friends, but they want to entertain family.

Secondly, you are an air sign — an analytical, communicative, and intellectual creature. Your lover, on the other hand, is a water sign, full of sentimentality, romance and feelings. Now this may sound great to you at first, but in time, you may find Cancer’s changing moods unfathomable. A Pisces or Scorpio would have the patience and intuition to understand where Cancer is coming from, but after a while you probably won’t have the stamina or interest to figure those moods out.

Sexually, your Cancer is a talented lover; he or she will lavish you with attention and romantic gestures. At first this will be wonderful, because Cancers are a dream in bed. However, later they can become a bit possessive or even jealous of your time, asking you to explain your schedule in detail. Your lover will wonder why you can’t be more emotional and compassionate with him or her, and you will wonder why he or she can’t be more rational and just let you be you.

If you love your Cancer, you may have other planets in your horoscope, which meld beautifully with his, or hers — so don’t give up hope. Even if there are no such planets in either of your charts, remind yourself that astrology is not destiny. If you truly love someone, no obstacle is too great to overcome.


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