I am Leo, My Lover is Gemini

As they used to say: “Now you’re cooking with gas!” Yes, this one’s good for you, Leo. Hold on to your Twin, because he or she is going to be a great match!

Gemini is a communicative air sign, sure to bring a breath of fresh air to your life, and make your fire sign light burn brighter! Still, every relationship has a few bumps. For you it will be your Gemini’s penchant for making new friends and spending large amounts of time flitting around with them. But don’t fear that Gemini is searching for a new mate. Gemini are simply modern and have friends of both sexes, without any sexual involvement at all. Often you will find yourself awaiting your Gemini’s return so that he or she can stroke your fur and make you feel pampered and admired. Yet Gemini may not always have the patience to give you the daily adoration you crave. Still, Gemini will pick up on your moods, and when your lover sees you are out of sorts, he or she will finally rush in to correct whatever has been overlooked.

You are lucky that Gemini is a mutable sign, and therefore adaptable, flexible and communicative. Gemini employ their heads over their hearts in love, and spend lots of time analyzing where the relationship is heading, whether they tell you about it or not. This is not necessarily bad, for at least one of you will speak up if things start going wrong. When your lover expresses concern about your relationship, don’t just dismiss Gemini’s worries. That is the biggest mistake a Leo can make with a Gemini. If a Gemini needs to talk, it is important to listen and respond!

In bed, things should be excellent. Gemini have a wonderful sense of humor and they will enjoy reading you lusty passages from one of their dozens of books — Gemini is the original bookworm. This never fails to turn you on. Gemini’s hands are very talented and you will soon find out how lucky you are to be with your Twin. Sometimes you may even wish he or she talked less and touched more, because the Gemini touch is amazingly dexterous and sensual. Leo is the best instructor of the zodiac (honest!), so you can steer your Gemini in any direction you choose, and he or she will readily pick up on it! Sometimes you may wish your Gemini could be more emotional, but Gemini are emotional in their own way. Gemini’s versatility will make your private time together spicy and intriguing, year after year. You won’t be bored — your lover would never let that happen!

The Twin’s role is to fly high and be free to discover the truth — their mission from ruler Mercury. But this is goes against your need to possess them. It is absolutely crucial that you not try to cage this awesome bird, for you will kill your relationship if you do. Most people want the same things in life, like love, security, and children, but not always at the same age. Relax! Your charm, passion, and upbeat, generous way of living should be enough to lead Gemini into your den for a permanent stay.


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