I am Leo, My Lover is Capricorn

Here you have a pairing of a generous aristocrat (you, regal Leo) and an ambitious workaholic (Capricorn). Can the two of you find happiness? Very possibly, but you are going to have to give it your all.

You both love attending glittery events and know many successful people in the arts and big business. Together you enlarge your circle of friends and your social schedule dramatically! Still, you aren’t quite as success-driven as your lover and may find Capricorn’s hours away from you hard to take, even though you will love the lifestyle his or her salary will ensure.

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, and therefore have a more cautious and serious view of life. You have a bright, sunny perspective on things, which they like. This is because you’re ruled by the golden Sun. Because you don’t have Capricorn’s practical, grounded orientation (Lions just want to have fun), you probably unconsciously drifted to your Goat to pick up some pointers. However, since you’re a fixed sign, will you take advice? Time will tell. At the very least, the Goat has the key to your bigger success — they know how to climb mountains — so you might try swallowing some pride and following their lead once in a while.

Your Capricorn’s humor will tickle your Leo funny bone. Some of the best comics are Capricorns. Leo loves to be entertained and you’ve got quite a sense of humor yourself. Together you are likely to have each other in stitches, with tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks. Ultimately you will be good for one another, for laughter is one of the best stress-reducers known to man.

Your Capricorn is a wizard with money and may frown on your extravagant ways. While Capricorns love to partake of fine food, art, entertainment, and tend to frequent only the best shops (buying wholesale isn’t really your thing or theirs), they also like to save and see their stash grow. It is you who have the greater need for continuous consumption!

Sexually, your lover will adore your concentration and admiration of them. Before you can begin to lure a Capricorn into your den, you are going to have to relax your lover and divert his or her energy away from work, toward you and pleasure. Capricorns’ sense of responsibility is so strong it covers their hidden sensuality, and you need to gently peel back their layers of resistance. Go slowly, without too much Leo exuberance. Outwardly, Capricorn is always very reserved, but you can bet inner raging passion and earthy lustiness are dying to come out. Who better than a warmhearted Leo to light up Capricorn’s all too duty-oriented days?

This is an unusual pairing, but one that can work if you both admire each other’s qualities and accept each other’s spiritual gifts. At the very least, your Capricorn can stabilize and strengthen the framework of your life — if your Leo pride will allow it, that is.

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