I am Capricorn, My Lover is Virgo

Here’s a heavenly match if there ever was one! Capricorn, you’ve found the one love mate who won’t continually ask you why you have to work so hard; your Virgo is an equal workaholic! Both of you are earth signs, making you click on a primordial level.

You two may have to trade off being the one who reminds the other to come home early or break away from the computer once in a while to enjoy some hot, earthy, sensual sex! Virgo is often depicted as the cosmic librarian, with hair pinned back tightly and glasses firmly in place. Don’t kid yourself; Virgo can be one of the sexiest creatures in the Universe. Because they communicate so precisely, they know how to get sexual satisfaction — and how to give it.

The power of your union lies in the ability you share to develop a vision of the future and make it happen. With two earth signs you’ve got goals, deadlines, and rewards to keep you motivated as you move closer to your ultimate goal. Security is very important to you, and with a Virgo lover, success is assured.

All in all, this pairing gets a “10,” so press forward!

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