I am Capricorn, My Lover is Taurus

Smitten with a Taurus? You have found a soul mate! You click on just about every level, and will find satisfaction, luxury, pleasure, and contentment in the end. Taurus’ Sun falls into your house of true love and pleasure, so it is no wonder that you can’t help falling in love.

Taurus is prudent, loyal, steadfast and practical — all qualities you share and long for in a mate. Capricorns have a realistic view of marriage, and you know you will need to count on your mate. Home and family are important to both you and Taurus. Taurus rarely stray — they respect fidelity in themselves and others. But it won’t be a boring life. Taurus expect a beautiful home environment and lots of creature comforts, much to your delight.

Sexually, you both groove on the same frequency. You are thoughtful and slow, which is always a good thing in lovemaking. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so they remain physically attractive well into old age.

Capricorns like to buy jewelry, something Taurus of both sexes are happy to accept. Capricorn and Taurus both love material objects, particularly beautiful ones. Capricorns are also interested in things historical, so if you like antiques, your Taurus will enjoy learning more about them as you go antiquing together. In turn, Taurus need flowers and greenery around them. You will enjoy gardening together, and you’ll like the bushels of flowers that your lover brings into the house. Both of you like to dine out, and Taurus will have a list of the finest restaurants to try.

With a Taurus, you can form a wonderful life — one that steers well clear of the edge. Free from crisis and insecurity, you will be able to concentrate on building a wholesome, solid foundation. This is a highly compatible, strong match.

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