I am Capricorn, My Lover is Scorpio

This is a sensational match! You bring common sense and solid grounding to the relationship; your lover is drawn to your stability and practical nature. You’re attracted to Scorpio’s intense emotions and their passion for life — and for you. Scorpio’s water sign element mixes well with your earth and creates a fertile environment in which you both can grow in

Scorpios are street smart, and, when combined with your financial savvy, Capricorn, you two are a good combination. Amassing wealth is a worthy goal to you, and one you are serious about pursuing. If your other half were bent on spending your stash as fast as you make it, you wouldn’t be together long. This certainly is not the problem with a Scorpio spouse. Like you, they are intensely hard workers, determined and fixed on goals. You are the more flexible one, and you will find that talking a Scorpio out of something is nearly impossible. You may admire this or find it hard to deal with, depending on the situation. You are research and fact-oriented, so you may have to get used to trusting their razor-sharp intuition. But soon you’ll see that your Scorpios is right on the money nearly every time he or she has a gut feeling about something.

Outwardly, you two are reserved and discrete, so don’t be concerned that your lover would ever reveal anything private to the outside world. Scorpio wouldn’t dream of doing a “kiss and tell.” You may have to get used to his or her periods of withdrawal while your Scorpio lover chews over something that’s bothering him or her. (This is true whether you are the cause or not.) Your Scorpio may not be immediately sure what the problem is, so don’t get paranoid; Scorpios need time to think. Try to gently get your lover to open up and talk — it will help you to have a better relationship.

In bed you are awestruck by your Scorpio’s flaming passion. The Scorpio’s ardor can truly take your breath away and leave you wanting more! Better yet, you need not be concerned that your Scorpio will stray; Scorpios tend to mate for life. Scorpios are never wishy-washy about anything, including who they marry! Remember: Scorpio is the sign of obsession, and you’re the lucky recipient of all their desire!

This pairing deserves a resounding yes! No matter what difficulties you encounter, you are likely to succeed.

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