I am Capricorn, My Lover is Pisces

This mixture of earth (you) and water (your lover) could be the start of something great! Reel in your Fish, for he or she has hidden assets you will understand in time. Capricorn, you are a “no-nonsense” person; you pride yourself in your ability to come up with ideas that have a solid base in reality. Your lover, on the other hand, seems to be all dreams and emotions, at least on the surface.

In a way you’re right. But where you go wrong is characterizing their intuition as “wacky.” You will discover it has an amazing success rate! Pisces will come to you with hunches, prophetic dreams, and ideas with no particular basis in fact or particular reason to be true. Yet strangely, Pisces are almost always right.

What you truly don’t understand is Pisces’ lack of materialism. Pisces may not only seem different from you, but different from your friends, too. Your ambition is to buy a beautiful new car, an expensive piece of jewelry, or a membership in a country club. But when you talk about it, your Pisces just shrugs and says, “Okay, you could do that if you want” and walks away without enthusiasm. But tell them that you’re planning to be rich enough someday to build a library in a poor neighborhood or add a wing onto a hospital, and you’ll have his or her total attention. Pisces want to relieve suffering in others. They also need to create, so perfect gifts for them are the tools to make this easier, like a camera, a laptop computer (for their stories and poems), or paints and canvases.

Pisces are also much more romantic than you, and you will enjoy your Pisces tender attentions. Tread easily when you speak to your Pisces, and always be sure to build him or her up a little; Pisces often lack self-confidence and can always use a pat on the back. The reason for this is that they are not very self-aware. Continually focusing on others makes them lose track of their own considerable talents.

When making love, you should groove right on the same level. Pisces expect sex to be the ultimate non-verbal expression of true love. If you don’t care deeply for them and really just want a roll in the hay, they’ll know it in a nanosecond and swim away. But if you are sincere, you can take this relationship to levels you have never before experienced. Pisces inhabit a world that is ethereal and spiritual. If they bring you to their world, you may never want to come back.

How do I rate this pairing? A “9” or a “10”! Go for it!

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