I am Capricorn, My Lover is Leo

This relationship isn’t supposed to work by astrological terms, because you are an earth sign and your lover, Leo, is a fire sign. Earth usually puts out fire, but when you look at what makes this union tick, you see surprising similarities between the personalities of both. I think you have a good chance to make a go of your union.

Both of you like to socialize, although Leo might be a bit more exuberant and outgoing, whereas Capricorns, as a rule, are reserved. You two socialize for different reasons: You want to network to get ahead, but your Leo just wants to have fun. Both of you dress beautifully and attend all kinds of cultural functions, and your Leo will bring out the sparkle in your personality. In turn, you will ground your Leo and grip the purse strings tight when Leo forgets you two don’t really have a king’s ransom to keep your lover in the style to which the Lion or Lioness can become accustomed! Leos can be impractical as well as inflexible — two factors which will get the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on end. They will find you a bit too stodgy and serious about your work. Still, if you love one another, you can work these things out.

In bed, Leo wants to feel adored and cherished, and you will be thrilled to oblige. Leo will make lovemaking festive with champagne, flowers, chocolates, luxurious sheets, and sexy gifts like lingerie. You have a healthy need for sex and so does your Leo — even more so, in fact!

If you two have children, your Leo will be a wonderful parent — they stay interested, involved, and willing to provide endless playful attention. You’ll be a good parent, too — Capricorns respect family and heritage — but you will do better when the kids get a little older. By the time they’re ready for college, you are in top form, having not only saved the money to send them to college, but you’re also ready to accompany them to every campus to help them make their choice.

So even though your Leo’s stubbornness can drive you up a wall, you do have lots in common. If you want it to work, you can make it happen!

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