I am Capricorn, My Lover is Cancer

Your Cancer sweetheart is born six months away from your birthday, so he or she will be either complementary to your personality or diametrically opposed to everything you value. In short, this pairing will bring you either perfection or pandemonium. The final outcome will be up to you.

Let’s look at the pros and cons. Your sign rules the fame and honors house of the horoscope; thus, you are very ambitious and hope to achieve a responsible leadership position. You do very well in big organizations and politics, things others would have difficulty accomplishing. You understand chain of command, and you like orderly hierarchies because everyone in them knows what is expected. Your sign is an earth sign and therefore very practical.

Enter Cancer, an emotional water sign very different from your own. Cancer’s natural domain is the home and family. While they work hard at their jobs, they are not willing to put in the single-minded effort that you do. This could be a lovely match, however, because a Cancer will nurture you and your children and provide the kind of life you dream about but have no idea how you are going to fit it into your schedule. We won’t call your work habits your lifestyle — for Capricorn, there usually isn’t much time left life outside of work!

The problems that surface between you two could relate to the time you spend away from home. Cancer cannot fathom why you find work so interesting, and if he or she becomes upset, your Cancer will get sulky and moody. You, on the other hand, consider the Cancer focus on home and family a bit obsessive, and you think they spend too much time there. If you are dating a divorced Cancer with children, this can be especially true, for they will talk about the kids nonstop and may make plans to spend time with them that make you feel left out.

Capricorns are family-oriented too, and you will willingly visit your in-laws now and then, for you see benefit in upholding tradition and are interested in family lineage. You especially like talking with old-timers about life when they were young. Hearing history first-hand is exciting to you — you could become the family biographer. Cancer would help you here, maybe by assisting you as you try to find old family photographs.

You are more practical than your partner and have talents for finance. But your Cancer is no spendthrift; they save money, bargain-hunt, and treat their income wisely. This is a good area of common ground.

Cancers are more emotional than you and may find your detached, earthy nature a bit too cool. Cancers like frequent displays of affection. When it comes to sex, however, you are both sensitive. In fact, it is hard to match the lovely emotional warmth of a Cancer. Cancers want to see fireworks when they make love, so woe unto you if you wear your wristwatch. They want your complete attention, and rightly so! Your Cancer will love you with an intensity that will thrill you. I suppose some Capricorns may find this kind of love smothering, but they are in the minority.

My bet is this relationship will be a strong and healthy one, where each of you gives exactly what the other lacks.

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