I am Aquarius, My Lover is Sagittarius

This is a juicy, sweet relationship, and it should get even better in time. Both of you share a bright, idealistic view of a world where anything is possible. You are concerned with social issues, new technology, and planning for the future, and your lover is oriented toward learning and the educational process. Sagittarius’ role is to take the knowledge of mankind and make sense out of it. You are sure to have some lively debates with a Sagittarius! If you disagree, neither of you gets overly upset; you both respect individuality. Generally, you are the more fixed in your ways, while your Sagittarius is much more flexible — boding well for your future together.

Sagittarius need to travel and you like your time alone too, so you may agree to take separate vacations at times. Careful: Out of sight could mean out of mind. Neither of you finds commitment appealing, so you might date casually for a long time before you decide to tie the knot. You’ll both need assurance that you won’t be sacrificing your independence.

Sexually, you are a near-perfect match. But hopefully, your Sagittarius partner won’t be as honest about the less-than-ideal stuff in bed as he or she will invariably be about what’s great (“Well, I’ve had better.” Ugh!). Your lover is a fire sign and you are air, and therefore highly compatible, but the Sagittarius directness can be hard to take for any sign. They can be surprised at the taken-aback reactions to their open commentary. Your Sagittarius will respond that you wanted to know, didn’t you, and will let you know exactly how he or she feels. The honesty-to-a-fault of Sagittarius takes getting used to. But you and your Sagittarius aren’t the types to let your emotions run riot or hold grudges, so somehow you’ll work things out.

Two signs apart in the zodiac form a “sextile,” which is considered an opportunity aspect in astrology. This means your lover will help create opportunities for you to do things of value. Specifically, your Sagittarius lights up your house of friendship and social causes, so he or she could be a strong helpmate in an altruistic quest of yours. Certainly, your Sagittarius will bring you plenty of new contacts and a close friend or two. He or she may also urge you to become a member of certain organizations that ultimately turn out to be good for you.

Neither of you is domestic, so if you can hire help for weekly maintenance, do it early in your relationship. Someone has to be minding the store, and with your schedules, it can’t be you or your partner! So if you are in love with a Sagittarius, press forward, Aquarius. You’ve got a good match here.

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