I am Aquarius, My Lover is Cancer

Can Cancer, an emotional water sign, find true love with Aquarius, a rational, objective air sign? Not easily. You will find Cancer’s need to stay at home difficult. Long after they have attended to their children’s needs, they want to lavish even more time on family, and this could drive you to distraction. Just one more Sunday with your in-laws and you’ll scream! Cancers will want to know why you aren’t more interested in maintaining your roots and you will ask why they’re so attached to the past.

Cancers need lots of attention — something you don’t often have time to give — for your sign usually directs your energy out toward the world at large. If you love a Cancer, direct it outward to the world during the day, but save quality time for your tender Cancer in the evenings. They will honor you with their fidelity and will nurture you tenderly and compassionately. They will also cook you amazing dinners, create and maintain all kinds of fun family traditions, and provide you with the old-fashioned kind of home life you didn’t think still existed. Be careful, because your unsentimental nature is very different from your romantic partner’s, and you could unconsciously hurt your Cancer’s feelings. The hardest part of this relationship is maybe having him or her plead with you to spend more time at home.

If you want this union to last, you will have to work at it. Your sensibilities are quite different, but if you want it to happen, it will!

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