I am Aquarius, My Lover is Aries

Aries are clever, enthusiastic, and sparkling with new ideas–a sure hit with Aquarius. Since Aries are always starting new ventures, they’re never clinging vines, something you appreciate in a lover. You’re an air sign and Aries is fire, so the pairing of your two signs produces terrific energy. Both of you value honesty and open communication, something that will keep your relationship going over the long haul.

In bed, your Aries is confident, inventive, and not intensely emotional (and neither are you). Nor is either of you possessive or prone to jealousy. Since you are ruled by the innovative planet Uranus, you value spontaneity and innovation, and will greatly enjoy the sparks that can fly between you and your Aries lover!

If you love an Aries, continue. Life will be fun, that’s for sure. You value objectivity and rationality in matters of the heart, so you will find great compatibility with your Aries lover.

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