I am Gemini, My Lover is Virgo

Harvest-born Virgos are highly industrious and love to work — you admire this about them. A Virgo won’t be clingy or demanding — as a matter of fact, you both are so busy that you will have to schedule time to be together. Both of you are ruled by objective, rational Mercury, and your conversations could get so involved, you both may forget to get around to bedding down. Just kidding!

This union can work, but you are going to have to get more organized, Gemini. Organization is Virgo’s best attribute, so they can be a wonderful help getting your life in order. Your Virgo is also quite expressive and communicative in bed, which is a real turn-on to a Gemini. As an earth sign, Virgos have a kind of primordial view of sex, which is very sensual, and they will teach you to slow down and enjoy yourself more. You both love words, so be sure to read your Virgo passages from literature which you find erotic. Virgos are reserved, yes, but once they fall in love, they can be outstandingly passionate. Since they are intrinsically loyal and ethical, there is little chance that they will cheat on you. But you must be sure, Mr. or Ms. Fickle Twin, that you don’t disappoint them in that regard yourself!

Both of you are high strung and tend to worry a lot, although Virgo perhaps a little more so. This could be a problem, because neither of you may be able to calm the other down. Schedule relaxation time into your weeks on a regular basis. Your Sun signs are not a classic blend, but your relationship can work if you give it a good try. Virgo’s earth element can give you a grounding in practicality and realism. Best of all, he or she will make you feel safe in a topsy-turvy world.

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