I am Gemini, My Lover is Sagittarius

Gemini, you were probably seduced by the bright, inquisitive mind and stimulating questions of Sagittarius. Such an intellect is a magnet to you, without a doubt. Sagittarians are a fire sign, you are an air sign, and these two elements are a wonderful mix. You both love to travel frequently and discover new things, and since neither of you frets over dull practicalities, you could have lots of fun together. Study is also an important part of this mix, so if one or both of you wants an advanced degree, you know you can count on the support of your sweetheart. So important is the collection and dissemination of information to the two of you, that you may have met on a college campus or in another learning environment.

Both of you are talkers, but Gemini may have to get used to Sagittarius’ disarming, honest-to-a-fault style. You both have lots of friends, and even though they may come from diverse fields, they mix well together. The parties thrown by the two of you are great!

In bed, you both are open to new ideas — even making love in new places. Lovemaking will always stay fresh. You both have an equal need for variety in approach, so there is little chance you’ll get bored, the one thing Gemini fears most in a relationship.

Hold on to your Sagittarius lover. This is an excellent example of how signs from the opposite ends of the zodiac (6 months apart), turn out to be perfect matches for one another!

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