I am Gemini, My Lover is Pisces

You and Pisces are opposites in many ways, but keep in mind that opposites do attract. This relationship will have its ups and downs, and how things turn out will depend on you.

Pisces form deep and abiding emotional attachments, while you can usually relate to lovers without diving down to the depths of their souls. This will never satisfy Pisces, who want to be understood and loved, physically and spiritually, all the way down to their very core. Pisces look for the love of their life, that one transcendent love, while you have probably not stopped long enough to consider that possibility. You keep your heart planted firmly in your head, while they never use logic when it comes to romance. Sentimental, sensuous Pisces will help you swim to depths you never imagined and feel things you’ve never felt before. In bed, Pisces take steps to ensure making love will be a memorable and passionate experience. To Pisces, making love is a ritual, involving candles, incense, flowers and other offerings. It is not so much carnal as spiritual — the mating of two souls.

Pisces have their own creative projects, so they won’t mind if you’re out and about, busy with your schedule. Actually, they believe absence makes the heart grow fonder. Pisces live in their own world of their fantasies and dreams, and need time alone to think and meditate. Thus, the Pisces personality linked with yours works well, because you both are preoccupied at least part of the time. You are an air sign, Pisces is water, and together you stir up a bubbly life.

Catch this Fish, but be forewarned: If you don’t have the emotional capacity to love Pisces, or if you take unfair advantage of them, they will swim away and aren’t likely to return. Once gone, you may miss their Neptunian glow and unconditional love, which is rare and special in this Universe.

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