I am Gemini, My Lover is Leo

Leo loves to enjoy life on a grand scale; the Lion’s world is filled with champagne, flowers, caviar, and black-tie parties. Gemini likes to be free and unfettered, and there could be a good mix here. Leo’s fire element mixes well with Gemini’s air element, fanning the flames of romance higher!

Between the sheets, Leo’s confident ways will thrill you. Your lover is moved by those frequent notes and poems you compose and tuck under his or her pillow or secretly stash in pockets. Your Leo takes love seriously and will court you well into old age if you allow it. He or she understands how to enjoy a real romance, from little gifts and cards, to spending an extra long time pleasing you in bed. This is true whether the Leo is male or female, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known one another.

Leo’s glamorous appearance will not go from delicious to dishpan after the wedding; Leo is elegant and stays that way. Even if he or she has no money for groceries that week, there will always be money for haircuts or a new suit. Wear threadbare clothes? I don’t think so. Leo needs admiration, not only from you but from the whole world, and neither Lion nor Lioness will ever forget there’s an adoring public to please (whether that public exists in imagination or actuality).

You both like to go out, so you have similar social needs. Gemini’s needs are more modest — you don’t see why Leo has to spend quite so much on four-star restaurants and first-run plays. It’s fun though, so Gemini is happy to check out whatever Leo has in mind, because it satisfies Gemini’s eternal curiosity.

Be aware that Leo is very possessive, and may ask you to declare your unending love and fidelity sooner than you’d like. Can you do this? John F. Kennedy was a Gemini and Jackie Bouvier a Leo (you see where I am going with this). No matter how attractive their Leo lover may be to the rest of the world, if Gemini gets bored with the relationship, he or she will wander. You know this about yourself, which is why you have trouble with commitments.

All in all, this is an elegant pairing and one with sensational possibilities. So go for it!

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