I am Gemini, My Lover is Gemini

Wow! Two twins in one household! This is life on permanent fast-forward, moving at dizzying speed. Both of you are overextended, overworked, and short on time. Can you schedule to meet at the club at midnight? What about 7am at his office? This pairing may be productive, but is it romantic?

Let’s look at some of the elements here. You both are mutable (flexible) signs, so you could make it work. You both love to read and write, so you could wind up with two computers in the same spare room. You both need to check the news several times a day (a Gemini is rarely out of touch) and have a tendency to get totally wired and stressed-out. Coming down from that adrenaline overdose could be tough, but then again, the high could be fun, too. You certainly understand one another!

In bed, you both are so versatile, verbal, and particularly skilled with your hands and fingers, so you are sure to keep one another interested for years. You are witty, clever, and customarily look younger than your age. All these attributes make for great, charismatic attraction to each other. Need proof? Think of these two Gemini: John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

Since both of you are air signs, you communicate well with each other — a big plus for a healthy relationship. Marriage counselors say that the continual exchange of thoughts and feelings is the most important ingredient in any good coupling. However, there isn’t any water here, so can either of you feel the emotions behind those brainy theories? Is love in your head or your heart, Gemini? Your sign does not get tremendously emotional. But for a Gemini + Gemini pairing, both of you are going to have to get in touch with your feelings and emotions if this relationship is going to make it over the long haul, and not fall victim to cool objectivity. Your combined high IQs won’t be able to do the work. Since neither of you are mad romantics, you may have to try harder to get romance to be a part of your life together.

On the plus side, Gemini can’t love someone whose mind they don’t respect, and I bet you find your lover fascinating. You can discuss a wide variety of subjects and interests. You probably send love letters, but also cut out clippings of interesting articles for each other. You are good at sharing and adore travel. A sense of fun unites you, with little jokes and pranks being a regular part of everyday living. Neither of you is really domestic, so perhaps you should hire cleaning help. Neither of you is particularly practical either — another problem because you’ve got a double dose! So get a good accountant and do what she says to do, Gemini.

They say a Gemini is looking for his or her lost twin — the other half, in the cosmic sense. You may have just found your soul mate — so if you are happy, enjoy your Gemini match. You can make this union work very well if you try.

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