I am Gemini, My Lover is Cancer

On the surface, it could seem like there are too many differences between Gemini and Cancer for this union to work. But if we look closer we can see why such a pairing could be the best thing for both, provided you give it a good try. You’re an air sign your lover is a water sign, and together that is an effervescent mix!

First, the differences. Cancers are rooted in their home and family and need to set up roots. But Gemini, you can live out of a suitcase indefinitely, for you want to see as many different places as possible. You’re eternally curious and could travel the world your whole life long. I think the character of Francesca in “The Bridges of Madison County” must’ve been a frustrated Gemini — for after just a handful of hours with her photographer lover, she was ready to bolt despite her family obligations.

Your Cancer lover wants traditions, family holidays, children, a house, a back yard, and a mortgage. You would most likely prefer the variety and excitement of living in the city, or maybe even several cities, over a few years’ time. You need change and stimulation; and without it you will become dull and depressed. You want children too, perhaps, but you’d rather just sling them on your back and bring them along as you globetrot. “The experience will be marvelous for them!” you think. Your lover would rather create a sheltered, storybook sanctuary for the kids to grow up in. But cut off Gemini from the stream of life and they become like the Emperor’s Nightingale from the children’s story: entrapped in a golden cage, they are no longer able to sing.

But on the other hand, Gemini, you need some water influence in your life. Cancers are highly sensitive and in touch with their feelings. Your Cancer lover is very sensuous, and could teach you a thing or two about enjoying touch, taste, sound, smell and sight. He or she will bring poetry and beauty into your life, and together you can explore a wider emotional spectrum than you ever could on your own. Your Cancer may even — lo and behold! — extend that famously short attention span of yours!

A Cancer will appreciate all the fun new people you add to your circle of friends, and will have a much more interesting life because of it. Cancer is a bit reserved, and may have to get used to the partying and socializing that come as naturally to you as breathing. This is just Gemini’s way of keeping in touch! Cancer’s meticulous maintenance of family correspondence with cousins, in-laws, siblings, parents, neighbors, old school chums, and so forth could get on your nerves. But you’ll be flexible Gemini and cheerfully agree to tag along.

In bed, Cancers expect lovemaking to be a life-altering experience every time. What surprises you, Gemini, is that it usually is, because Cancer’s feelings are authentic and deep. They may wish yours went deeper, but things may develop in time. Your Cancer will help you dive to the depths of the relationship, and, in so doing, you will not only learn about him or her but yourself, too. You are the stronger of the two partners; Cancer can be a bit tentative sexually at first. But you can certainly use your charm to seduce him or her into seducing you! Your contribution to the pairing is a sense of lighthearted fun, something Cancer will anticipate with relish.

Go for it Gemini, even though this is not a classic pairing. You both have your challenges, but each of you could give to the relationship what the other lacks. Gemini and Cancer are a combination that has the potential to be as sweet as chocolate & peanut butter, and just as addictive!


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