I am Cancer, My Lover is Virgo

Refined, elegant Virgo is a superb communicator and fabulous conversationalist. Virgos make great writers; they are so precise about language. You may find yourself falling in love fairly soon, for Virgo is an earth sign and Cancer is water — a fertile combo if there ever was one!

Astrologic textbooks like to make Virgos out to be dusty and dull because they have a shy or reserved quality. “Fine, underestimate me,” Virgos say quietly to themselves. They like to take you by surprise with a torrent of passion on a dark, starry night. Make no mistake, Virgo can be a very skilled and ardent lover, especially when matched with an emotionally rich Cancer.

On a day-to-day, mundane level you also groove well. Virgos are practical, organized, and have the same security needs you do. They aren’t nearly as moody as you are, thus provide strong grounding that withstands your ups and downs. You both are world-class worriers, so neither one will be able to calm the other down. Hopefully, you won’t worry about the same thing at the same time! When upset, your upper stomach hurts, but Virgos’ weak spot is the lower stomach. Neither of you can eat heavy foods and usually prefer light home cooking with plenty of vegetables.

Virgos are patient, even-tempered, and polite to a fault. They never squander money and they are exceptionally hard workers who always get ahead. Virgo is also ethical and can be counted on to do the right thing. That includes being faithful to you — Virgos don’t fool around.

With their sweet attentiveness, tender care, and lively wit, they will be a joy to be around! On this pairing I say yes, yes, yes!

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