I am Cancer, My Lover is Capricorn

Your lover is ambitious and career-driven, and has probably made it to the very top of his or her profession. You have considerable drive too, so you not only understand where your Capricorn comes from, you support it! This is a good pairing. Your lover is an earth sign, so he or she is practical, solid and trustworthy. Capricorns always earn a good living and usually have bright futures. Big corporations, particularly, like employing these reliable, take-charge Goats. They like to invest as much of their income as they possibly can, and since you are a saver too, you’ll be compatible money-wise.

As a water sign, you add your gifts of intuition and sensitivity to this match and enlarge the scope of their emotional spectrum. In bed, you two are a perfect match; your Capricorn will take his or her slow, loving time and you will wrap them in a sensuous dream as only a water sign could. Capricorns are not usually given to affairs, no matter how many admirers their success attracts. This satisfies your need for emotional security.

You will be master of the home and hearth in this relationship, and possibly the children, too (you love kids). You can provide Capricorn with the kind of private life he or she always dreamed of. Your Capricorn will have his or her work, and even though you’ll see him or her become a radical workaholic, you’ll tolerate it without complaint.

This extraordinary match is not one to be missed!


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