I am Aries, My Lover is Capricorn

This is a pairing of very different individuals, approaching life with different methods. As an Aries, you can’t (or won’t) survive well in anything too structured, whether it be a relationship or a job. Inside you is the soul of a rebel. A fire sign, you are meant to force life forward and tread where others are too scared to investigate. Capricorn is all about practicality and safety — most likely your lover has a good job, since Capricorns do their best work within the structure of huge companies. Since they care deeply about their reputations and take on heavy responsibilities, they always make a name for themselves.

While you float continuously in an enthusiastic bubble of ideas, your lover is more cautious, and more firmly planted on the ground. The eternal optimist, you always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but your lover may believe the tunnel leads to a cul de sac and warns you of impending danger. You do balance one another out, but the process could be hard on your spirit, Aries. Still, if you can use the best of what you both have to offer — your pioneering spirit and Capricorn’s talent for building big, solid structure — you can accomplish a great deal together.

Can fire and earth signs mix well in bed? Yes, but no matter how long you’ve known your Capricorn, you will have to take the time to seduce him or her. Capricorns are the prototypical workaholics and have to be soothed properly before they get “in the mood.” They carry around their business responsibilities 24 hours a day, and you are going to have to dismantle those burdens first. You are all about impetuous passion, but you need to give them a little time. Once aroused, you will find Capricorns are deeply sensuous and tender. They are reserved. You are going have to work slowly and patiently to open them up. Once you do, you will be richly rewarded!

Together you can enjoy both excitement and rewards for your efforts. For you, this means building solid wealth, something you dream about attaining, but may not achieve because of your penchant for high level risk. If your Capricorn were to run the relationship, it would be placid and peaceful. If you were to run it, it would be exciting and stimulating — but perhaps somewhat scattered. If it were to be all their way, you’d be bored and restless; all your way, he or she would be exhausted and terrified. But together in compromise? You’ve got it all. The trick is finding that middle course.

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