Fitness for Capricorn

Your Ruling Planet: Saturn, the planet of longevity and permanence.

The Part Of The Body Your Sign Rules: Bones, teeth and especially the knees.

Your Metabolism: Steady to high.

Your Health Profile:

A Capricorn is very ambitious and likes to get ahead. However, the Goat tends to work long hours and forget about how late it’s getting. Too often, you’re stuck with having a fatty, salty late-night pizza by time you get home. No matter how tight your deadlines, try to eat a little bit better. Plan ahead. Enlist help from your roommate or family members to help you do bigger, and therefore fewer, shopping expeditions. Either freeze two dozen nutritious frozen dinners or find a better, less greasy place to order up food.

Keep in mind that Capricorns, the Spartans of the zodiac, are very self-critical and hard on themselves, especially when they think they’ve been “lazy.” They want to look their best, and feel that maintaining a positive self-image will help in their business life. And so it will. But don’t take this as a license to torture yourself.

In terms of exercise, your sign is an earth sign, preferring leisurely sports such as hiking or jogging, where you can set your own rhythm. Golf, even miniature golf, would be fun for you, or rock climbing, for Goats like to feel the earth beneath their feet.

Stiffness in joints could be a problem even when Capricorns are young, so keep exercising to stay limber. Knees could be your weak body part, so don’t overstrain them. Weight training might be good, but check with your doctor if you have knee trouble.

Your Biggest Asset: Your competitive drive and self-discipline.

What Drives You Crazy: Being stuck in long, unproductive meetings when you could be working out.

Health Risks:

Being too competitive and getting yourself depressed if you don’t meet your expectations, and worrying about what others think of your performance. Please yourself, Capricorn. Repeat after me: “It’s only a game.”