Gemini Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

by Susan Miller

March could be a landmark month for you, bringing plenty of changes and improvements to your daily life. The planets are acting in a very positive, supportive way. In the first half of the month, every planet in your chart will be circulating above the horizon with most clustered at the tip-top of your chart. This suggests you will be in the public eye, and you may soon have important, exciting news to share with your friends about your career.

Let’s look at the position of Mars—he is currently in Aquarius, your ninth house, energizing one of the following areas: international relationships and distant travel, higher education, legal matters, or publishing and broadcasting ventures.

Mars entered this house on February 13 and will leave on March 22, so in this time span, you will give one of the areas listed above more of your attention. Gemini often work in the communication arts, so you might be deeply focused on completing a manuscript, producing a podcast, TV, or lecture project, or undergoing research for a paper for college or graduate school. Additionally, throughout February and the first three weeks of March, you may have been, or will be, traveling more than usual.

In early March Mars will be orbiting with his lover Venus in Aquarius—a lovely situation because they adore being together, but they’re most often apart due to their different orbits. When Venus and Mars are together, they are known to produce electric currents that spark new love between two people who meet for the first time. Aquarius is a fellow air sign, a perfect sign for you, Gemini. These two lovebirds, Venus and Mars, made a rare conjunction in Aquarius last month on February 22 and will remain close during the first 10 days of March. Last month Mars favored Gemini born in May and early June, and in March Venus and Mars will favor Gemini with birthdays that fall from June 12 to June 20.

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