Gemini Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

by Susan Miller

Neptune could have a different effect, however, by you not being given all the information you need, and this would unconsciously tempt you to make what you’d think are rational, logical assumptions that are not at all correct and could bite you later. Ask many questions, including a number of “what if…?” hypotheticals. Aim to cover all instances, even ones you feel would not be likely to come up. The March 25 eclipse does seem to bring a good project, provided you check what you would be expected to achieve and thoroughly consider the people involved.

The March 25 eclipse offers a definite possibility for finding new love (if unattached) and will certainly amplify your social life. Welcoming a baby is also a possibility. Pluto is in a favorable angle to Neptune (an out-of-sign sextile) and to this full moon eclipse (trine), so there is support—and it could boost your career, too.

In all, everything this month looks to be thumbs-up and very positive, provided you do your homework ahead of accepting the offer.


As you enter March, you might be ready for a change of scenery and to take in the new colors, sounds, and tastes of a fresh setting. If travel is not possible, you might instead decide to go back to college or graduate school to take courses because your mind is hungry for stimulation. Alternatively, you could attend a lecture and book-signing event or an important museum opening. You will be eager to take in more of the world around you.

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