I am Taurus, My Lover is Pisces

The Fish is a perfect match for the Bull for so many reasons! Your lover is poetic, sensitive, spiritual, self-sacrificing and ethereal. Your Pisces will bring you to films, concerts, art exhibits, and other creative cultural activities. You, on the other hand, can teach your Pisces about wines, take them to finer restaurants than they would ever go to on their own, and help them set up a solid savings account. You will have so much fun doing things together, but you can also look forward to having a very deep and beautiful bond of intimacy, and a rich, mature relationship.

You will soon realize that Pisces don’t have a realistic bone in their bodies. But since you have enough practicality for two, this should pose no problem. Your lover is accommodating and maybe even thrilled to let you take the lead (Pisces is not into power-plays). Pisces don’t have big egos, so your lover will blend his or her personality easily and effortlessly with yours. Pisces will not lean on you, for they are fairly self-sufficient with their many interests and projects. When Pisces fall in love, they do so with their hearts, bodies and souls — and at near-religious intensity. If you ask for fidelity, your Pisces will gladly swear it to you.

Pisces is not a materialistic sign and will frown on the focus you put on money. Still, your ability to pull down a good salary will help them further their creative efforts (Neptune-ruled natives are almost always creative types), and your Pisces will be very grateful for your help. Only if you become a little selfish with money will you hear Pisces ask you to make a contribution to a charity or other worthy cause to share your good fortune. In truth, Pisces wish there was no money in the world because they simply prefer not to think about it. Money management takes so much effort; they would rather meditate on more important things. When Pisces lend money to a friend they never expect to see it back; Pisces give without ever expecting a return, even if this remains unspoken. This could be one quality you will never understand in your lover. You may feel your Pisces gives too much of themselves to others — spiritually, emotionally, financially — and that others take advantage of this. Your Pisces is probably aware of this, but feels that others’ needs take precedence over his or her own. Neptune natives have learned the rewards of self-sacrifice. Somehow, Fish create such a good aura around themselves that the Universe protects them and provides the resources they need. All this is a mystery not only to you, but to Pisces as well. Your lover will benefit, however, from much of your good financial advice.

Nowhere is the strong magnetic bond between the earth-bound Bull and the water-bourne Fish more evident than when you make love. Your Pisces has the ability to transcend your physical surroundings and transport you both far away from the everyday world. Time slips away as two souls meet in this spiritual realm. You will find exquisite tenderness and true affection as pure and real as anything your imagination could conjure up. This is a love that endures. It is not an overstatement to say that making love with your Pisces will take your breath away and allow you to see your relationship — and the world — in a whole new light. With your Pisces, all will be possible — your beloved knows no limitations, for whatever the spirit can imagine, it can also realize. You are a master builder of tangible reality — how could either of you ever find a more suitable soul mate?

A parting word of advice, Taurus: Don’t be too practical with your Pisces when in one of his or her dreamy states. Instead of saying, “Do we have to eat by this candlelight? I can’t see my food!” go with the mood and be a good sport. There is such a thing as being too practical. If you flatten your Pisces by saying he or she is just being silly, one day your lover may swim away, leaving no forwarding address. Pisces can’t bear confrontation, so they simply vanish into thin air once they’ve made up their minds that all is lost. You will have lost your special lover for good. Cherish your Pisces, for he or she will love you back in a way you never knew and may never fully understand.

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