I am Taurus, My Lover is Gemini

Each sign in the wheel of the zodiac makes up for what the one before it lacks. Gemini is right after Taurus, so in the cosmic consciousness, Gemini know that dreams are broken and opportunities are lost when you play it safe or take too long to decide. Gemini won’t let this happen. Perhaps they don’t always look before they leap, but Gemini are determined to press forward and take chances along the way.

Your Gemini lover is sharp, witty, clever, articulate, highly versatile and adaptable. Gemini excel in communications-oriented fields, such as publishing, sales, public relations, human resources and the travel industry. You are more private, Taurus, and like to manage risk and think things out prudently and sensibly. Taurus need to put down roots, preferably in a house in the country where there is lots of greenery to enjoy. Your Gemini could live out of a suitcase as long as he or she has a phone (wireless of course), fax, and a laptop to cuddle up with at night. Living in the city, where all the action is, would probably be Gemini’s preference (although their nerves are calmer in more bucolic settings).

Gemini are brainy folk who thrive on knowledge and information. Generally they need few creature comforts or material objects to make them happy. Gemini feel material objects and possessions weigh them down, and for them, this is true. However, Taurus, you need to be surrounded by beauty and comfort to fully enjoy life. Taurus find it hard to understand how Gemini could snooze on the couch (of all places) for only a couple hours’ sleep and then pop up again at 3:00 AM and race back to their computer to tap out yet another story/proposal/project outline. Phew! Gemini can be hard to keep up with. Your nimble lover heats up like mercury in a thermometer when the pace picks up around them. Gemini find it hard to understand why Taurus need so much sleep and why it takes Taurus so long to see the “obvious” solutions to problems. Taurus have lots of patience but Gemini have none at all, so there is another gulf you two will have to bridge.

In bed, Gemini are good at mirroring moods, but sometimes they are too devoted to the “quickie.” Bulls might not understand what’s going on and take it all too personally. “Have I become a mere object to you?” you ask, which couldn’t be further from the point. Your Gemini will have no idea what you are talking about. Gemini aren’t as emotional or erotic as you, nor do they take the words “to have and to hold” as literally as you. In fact, declaring undying love and getting married is scary for Gemini. It just seems so FINAL. Gemini could come around to the idea eventually, but probably not as soon as you would like. Sex is exciting to Gemini, just like lots of other things. Sex is not the be-all and end-all it is to you. Gemini need variety, while you like to stick to your time-tested winning ways. You enter life from different doors, so try to find a place of mutual benefit to meet up in the hallway of life.

You relate to the physical aspects of the world through things you can touch, but your lover is more idea and concept oriented. Even politically, you are likely to find yourself on the conservative end of the spectrum with your lover a die-hard liberal. If you get into a tiff, you’ll be at a disadvantage, for Gemini are brilliantly eloquent and can run rings around you verbally in no time flat. You may not be able to instantly defend your challenged position — you might never know what hit you. Your self-esteem could take a plunge, and if your lover doesn’t apologize, your hurt feelings could linger for a long time. Realize that Gemini often mean no malice, so if your lover doesn’t immediately make up with you, let him or her know how you feel. Communication is always the best way to deal with a Gemini.

It has been said that Taurus should learn to think when they are busy feeling and learn to feel when they are busy thinking. Taurus never seem to be able to combine the two, which is what derails their relationships with Gemini. When things go wrong, Taurus clings to his or her position fiercely, which can only widen the gulf between Taurus and Gemini. Gemini will wonder why Taurus is so obstinate. Taurus will wonder why Gemini refuses to agree, even if just out of love. Of course, love isn’t the issue, but Taurus may feel that it ultimately is. If your Gemini lover ever discovers that the way to your heart is through physical affection rather than reason and logic, you may have a chance to survive as a couple.

This is going to be a tough relationship — if it works you two will share many wonderful gifts and talents. If you love your Gemini and your Gemini loves you, you have already begun the process of sharing your greatest attributes successfully.

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