I am Leo, My Lover is Aries

This relationship is a yes, yes, yes! You make a vivacious pair. Both of you are spirited, energetic, and enthusiastic fire signs with a fundamental understanding of one another. Your Leo lover has the same view of the world that you do — vast, expansive, and ultimately your oyster.

This relationship is exciting, active, busy, passionate, noisy, glamorous, fun loving and flamboyant. It can be volatile too, since both you and your Aries have quite a temper. But somehow, you love the fights as much as everything else, probably because you have so much fun making up. Passions are strong in both of you; when you two get together, you light up the sky with fireworks! Neither of you does anything halfway or without enthusiasm. You will have an ardent relationship but one of extremes.

Aries are ambitious, but Leos do not generally exert themselves unless conditions force them to do so. As a Leo, you expect things to fall into place. Your lover will marvel at this point of view. Lions and Lionesses say, “Why wouldn’t I get what I want? Certainly I deserve it!” This is Leo’s ego speaking. But realize that your Aries does not have this kind of strong self-image, nor the same expectations that his or her needs will magically be provided for by the Universe. Aries assume they have to struggle their way to the top. Winning, not how the game is played, is everything to them, and they are willing to put in a big effort, bashing their Rams’ horns gleefully through the opposition and enjoying the spoils of their victories. Inside, however, Aries will wonder why you don’t want to put in more of an effort — an area to watch in your relationship.

You will admire your Aries’ courage and ability to start new ventures in the face of adversity. There is nothing Aries won’t take on if they feel impassioned, and they have a gift for motivating others to work hard on their behalf. They are terrible with details and so are you. Hopefully you two can hire some help to do mundane things, like buy soap, toothpaste, or paper for the printer.

Your creativity will get high marks from Aries, as will your generosity and talent with entertaining, partying and networking. You’ll never get grief from your Aries over too much socializing — they despise staying home as much as much as you do. They don’t have your penchant for the jet set or high living, and they would rather spend money on a new fax machine than dinner in a four-star restaurant. But when Aries run out of cash, they just figure out a way to make more, so it’s unlikely you will have many disagreements about finances. Aries like to be self-employed, by the way, so don’t try to talk yours into working for anyone else if he or she has just started a business.

You like to give orders, whether you realize it or not. This may give you trouble, for Aries don’t allow anyone to dictate to them, least of all their lovers/mates. Independence is vital to Aries, so if you want to make one do something you have to make him or her think it was his or her idea in the first place. Aries may discover that they can actually control you if he or she lavishes you with compliments. I hear you protesting, but you have to admit it works! Aries can make you feel so warm and cozy that you’ll let them have their way. Aries are very clever and as children learn quickly how to get their parents wrapped around their little fingers. Later in life, getting their lovers to succumb to their charms is a piece of cake.

In lovemaking, you will find your Aries lover is the perfect blend of wild abandonment and sweet tenderness. Both of you want to be the other’s one-and-only, but for different reasons. As I said earlier, the Ram wants to win. Coming in second seems shoddy and not worth the challenge. For you, being number one is a matter of pride. You won’t concede your crown to any other beast. It wouldn’t be fitting. My best advice to you, Leo, is to keep your mouth shut about past lovers. Your Aries isn’t going to take kindly to knowing someone else has already conquered you. You like to reminisce about past love and admiration — it never leaves your memory — but to tease your Aries lover with this information is playing with fire. As odd as it may seem, you will come across as “damaged goods,” whether you are female or male. Aries wants to feel your love is pure and unmatched by anything you have ever felt before.

This relationship deserves a “10” so go for it, Leo!

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