I am Virgo, My Lover is Virgo

Virgo & Virgo. This sounds like a law firm or a new ad agency. If you both are lawyers, you are successful ones, because good lawyers are detailed and analytical and know how to argue a good case. If you both are running an ad agency, hopefully you are in charge of copy writing (no one is more precise with words than Virgo), finance (Virgos know cash flow to the penny and are practical about calling in accounts), or account management (you’re both common-sense builders, that’s for sure). Both of you are workaholics and will give it all you’ve got.

But this is a love relationship, not a business! Can two Virgos find happiness? Sure. At the very least, you understand one another implicitly. But you will have to avoid some trouble spots. Let’s have a peek under the hood of this match to find out what makes your relationship motor run smoothly, and see what makes it stall.

You two are practical and realistic about life. You are also quite idealistic about striving to improve things to be as good as you know they can be. You care about health, so you may enjoy working out together and remind one another to take multi-vitamins and cut the fat out of your diets. Sometimes you can be a little too prudent — you never spend for flashy dinners out or on extravagant surprise gifts (well, not unless one of you has some Leo in your chart). You both communicate especially well, and one or both of you could even be a writer or editor — Virgos are some of the best writers in the zodiac. Virgos like to be helpful, so this is a union of two eager beavers helping one another get ahead without competition. Yet both of you are highly critical. If you train your razor-sharp analysis on this love affair, can it survive such a tough investigation? This is one tendency both of you will have to keep in check; when you two argue, you will be cool and objective in a chilly sort of way, slicing one another into little ribbons like only Virgos could. Ouch! You will hold your own in any argument, but the scars could take time to heal. Remember, you can’t get the toothpaste back into the tube.

Yet both of you are workaholics (you knew this already) and spend long days at your desks. At least you won’t have a lover who is continually complaining that you’re never home. The time you do spend together is going to be precious. Feeling productive is as important to you as oxygen and time wasted seems almost sinful. So, actually, the fact that your lover is a Virgo isn’t ideal in this case because there no one will lure either of you away from your work! You’re recluses too, so you two need to make the effort to explore the world around you. There is more to life than work!

In lovemaking, you both are reserved at first, but once you let rip, you could really build up some steam! Virgos focus more on tenderness than eroticism, and the greater loyalty you feel from your lover, the more passion you will generate. Since your Virgo won’t two-time you or kiss and tell (Virgos are ethical), you will feel safe and cozy in his or her arms. Both of you are verbal (and oral) so therein lies the secret to your greatest heights of passion.

Be kind to one another, and treat each other as you would want to be treated yourself. Your one rule is The Golden Rule. If you don’t worry too much or work too much, you can absolutely make this union work.

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