I am Virgo, My Lover is Gemini

Both of your signs are ruled by the objective, truth-seeking planet Mercury. You have so many things in common, you may find you are a bit too much alike! Your Sun signs are ninety degrees apart, suggesting a challenge in your relationship. Be prepared to work hard at this relationship, but know that things can work! The allure of Gemini is their indomitable spirit — nothing is beyond possible in their minds. They are incredibly resourceful and ingenious, a “can-do” sign, and they continually think up new and better ways to do things.

Communication is important to both of you. You both have razor-sharp intellects and are thinking, rather than emoting beings. Your lover is more versatile, adaptable, and flexible than you are and sees everything as some sort of puzzle to assemble or key to a hidden code. You are more focused than your Gemini, and have a greater ability to organize details and discriminate between similar yet diverse elements. You are clearly more earthy and practical. Gemini rarely think of themselves as practical and they marvel at your ability! Both of you are mutable signs, so happily neither of you is one to hold a grudge. You both want to get everything out in the open and solve the problem. Even though this indicates peaceful times together, both of you are so analytical and intellectual, you might lack a strong emotional component in your relationship. Perhaps one of you has lots of water planets in your chart to make up for this.

Let’s look a little closer at your individual personalities: Virgos take responsibility very seriously, whereas Gemini tend to take on a lot of work too, but they worry about it a little less. You are known to be the critical sign, but you’re hardest on yourself. Both of you tend to get illnesses that stem from excess nervousness and stress, such as ulcers or insomnia. You both speak and write exceptionally well, but in an argument or debate, Gemini are better able to hold their own. Your lover is blessed with the ability to grab words out of thin air and respond with lightening speed. The Gemini mental process is keen and rapid, and although Virgos are known to be very articulate, Gemini are simply the best at thinking on their feet. Quiet and intellectual, often self-effacing, you have deep feelings. In the course of an argument with your Gemini, you are the one who’ll feel the hurt of criticism for a longer period of time. Gemini will be more likely to look upon the tiff as an intellectual debate and will find it easier to forget sharp words said in the heat of the moment. Luckily, you two love to talk so much that you will soon make peace with each other again.

Your lover is more gregarious and less reserved than you are. You need to be a hermit now and then, but this is a feeling Gemini will almost never crave. Gemini will talk to just about anyone and any time, from guests at a party to cab drivers in strange parts of town, and (you may not love this) they flirt a lot, too. Just keep in mind none of this is serious. Don’t get bent out of shape when you see your sweetheart charmingly flitting around a party. It is simply Gemini’s way of getting to know everyone. Once your lover’s curiosity is satisfied, he or she will happily come back to roost next to you, with nary a backward look.

Gemini don’t want anything to be set in stone and like their lives to continually change and evolve. Gemini tend to like living in cities for this reason. Having a house in the suburbs could seem too “old” and settled for a Gemini. They like to keep their options open for spontaneous trips to the movies, shopping, or other fun hairpin turns. Some Gemini keep moving around from apartment to apartment whenever the mood takes them. Gemini are playful and need to investigate many different things (at once), but their energies can get scattered as a result. Virgo, you can help your Gemini stay focused.

Your sweetheart’s love of variety and stimulation can be a great asset in bed. His or her sense of play can really help you overcome your natural shyness. Once Gemini is able to peel away that layer of reserve you have, he or she will find you passionate and responsive. Gemini’s style of lovemaking is light, elegant, delicate and ethereal. Still, a Gemini can remain emotionally detached and perhaps a bit cool. Try as you might to get closer, there may appear to be an invisible barrier, which won’t permit you to come closer. Gemini often guard their independence, even after marriage.

Things could remain a little off unless one of you is willing to add a dash of romance, passion and emotion. No matter how compatible you are — and you two really are — you could both feel shortchanged unless one of you takes the time to do this. Don’t be too much of a realist, Virgo, nor too emotionally guarded! Allow your Gemini lover’s playfulness to tickle your funny bone. Stop being so serious, too. Perhaps you have other planets in your horoscope, which will encourage the expression of your deepest feelings. Pretend you do and practice being open with your emotions. If you two can click, you have so much to share!

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