I am Scorpio, My Lover is Leo

This is one of the oddest combinations in the zodiac, although I hear of it working all the time. Definitely have a go at this relationship, but be prepared to put in a lot of elbow grease. You are a water sign and Leo is fire, a terrible mix if there ever was one, yet I have seen this combination flourish. My grandmother and grandfather were this mix. Oh, you can imagine the drama, the intensity, the loud arguments, and the slammed doors! But there were hours of hearty laughter, warm and cozy family Christmases, walks together in the snow, reading alone and out loud to each other on the porch, a big family full of children, and many, many nights filled with music and good food. This Scorpio and Leo shared a rich life, and it was evident to all that they adored one another.

As a Scorpio, you need intensity and will accept nothing less than grand opera for your life’s script. You want to be loved all the way down to your toes — deeply and completely. With a Leo you will get your wish. Leos have big hearts and approach everything with their arms wide open; they do nothing on a small scale. Scorpios like to be in control, but your Leo lover also likes to be the boss, so right off the bat you’ve got a power struggle. Both of you have VERY strong personalities, and both of you are fixed in your opinions. Be forewarned, this isn’t going to be easy!

Yet if you try, this can be the love of your life and your Leo will fill your days with happiness and the intense drama and emotion you crave. This match is a yes!

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