I am Scorpio, My Lover is Capricorn

This pairing gets two enthusiastic thumbs up! Your Capricorn sweetheart has big career ambitions, and you can relate to that well. Scorpio is the sign of obsession, so you think it’s odd when someone doesn’t have something he or she is passionate about. You will enthusiastically support your lover’s goals and offer him or her savvy advice about everything from corporate politics to financial investments. Security is important to you both, so there is no conflict on that score. You are particularly talented with negotiation, so your lover will gain much from your street-smart, intuitive take on situations that will arise during his or her quest for success. You will like Capricorn’s realism and firm grounding, which will anchor you emotionally.

Capricorns are known workaholics, but your lover will appreciate your efforts to turn his or her attention away from the office once in a while. Sexy Scorpio has absolutely no trouble doing that! The two of you vibrate perfectly to the same sexual frequency, and so you are likely to feel deeply satisfied on a physical and emotional level. Earth signs are in touch with their bodies and highly tactile, so they enjoy lusty sex.

There may be times you wish your lover had the emotional capacity to go into the depths of your soul, but few signs could ever reach the levels as you do without even trying. Your spectrum of feelings is broader and deeper than most signs — your lows are lower, your highs are higher. But even though your lover isn’t built the way you are, Capricorn will be awestruck by how cherished he or she feels with you and will return this love to you in full. As you fall deeper in love you will demand complete fidelity, but Capricorn will commit easily and freely to you.

Your lover is an earth sign, you are water, and the mix is likely to produce a wonderful new beginning in your life. Proceed!


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