I am Sagittarius, My Lover is Scorpio

Before you go any further — wait! Think about this very carefully, Sagittarius. Perhaps it was the mysterious aura, or the powerful sexuality that initially drew you to your Scorpio lover. Or perhaps it was his or her depth of feeling and passion for life, which is unmatched by anyone else you’ve met. As a Sagittarius, you bring lively conversation to this union, as well as the love of travel and serious study. You will introduce your Scorpio to all kinds of successful people, and your lover will be thrilled and stimulated by your influence in his or her life. There has probably been more than one night when you two stayed up until the wee hours, discussing the meaning of life over coffee.

But there will be problems. You may be sucked down by the undertow of the sensationally good sex, but it comes with a price — and you of all signs will be unwilling to pay it. Scorpios are highly possessive, intense, and even jealous at times. They want to become one with you — for eternity. Your sign, however, is the sign of the bachelor (male or female). Why? Because Sagittarius prize freedom of movement and a firm, separate identity above all else. Commitment does not come easily to you. Scorpio will accuse you of skimming over the surface of life, never really drilling down to the core. You might even agree with this — you aren’t too interested in experiencing all the rings in Dante’s inferno. Your Scorpio lover is going to turn out to be high maintenance and the question is, are you up to it?

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is a happy sign, and when paired with such an intense sign as Scorpio, can feel claustrophobic at times. And then there will be those lover’s quarrels! Are you ready for the gloomy silences? You may go for days without speaking or acknowledgement, and there may be hours of feeling guilty for something you aren’t quite sure you even did.

Yes? Well, then, go for it! Nothing in this life is perfect, and if you love your Scorpio, know that he or she will give you the kind of fidelity that you only used to dream was possible. Your Scorpio will adore you every day of your life. When they commit they commit with near-obsession. And then, of course, there’s the amazing sex you’ll have….

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